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Samstag, 22. Februar 2014, 22:30

Telefunken M10A 1 inch 8 track - Looking for manuals/schematics/paperwork! No audio output.


I just purchased a Telefunken M10A 1" 8 track. Physically it is in almost perfect condition, and the motor has only 100 hours of use. When powered on, all functions are working perfectly, rewind, forward, play, etc, and all lights and buttons lighting up. However, I am not getting any sound out, when I have put a tape on and played it back. I have tested it with a single cable from tuchel to xlr, and tried plugging it on all 8 channel outputs, but i get no sound from any channel during playback.

Anyone have any suggestions?
Also any schematics or manuals will be very helpful!